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HBJJ & The Jiu Jitsu Heirloom

est. 2004

HBJJ & The Jiu Jitsu Heirloom are not only our Jiu Jitsu programs, but they are now a part of BANDIT COMBAT SPORTS with 2 locations:

*Cypress area (NW Houston) address upon consultation

*BANDIT COMBAT SPORTS 28120 Tomball Parkway, Tomball, Tx. 77375

NOTE: Tomball, Texas location has availability. But, enrollment for all current modules at Cypress location is now full. Please fill out our contact form for student consideration for the Cypress, Texas location and to get on our waiting list for consultations. Tomball location still has availability in conjunction with their world class wrestling program.

HBJJ & The Jiu Jitsu Heirloom

A modern academia of accelerated study... for a deadly effective old school system of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighting. 


A 3 pillared approach... based on control.

1-Safety (minimum risk, with maximum reward)

2-Leverage (minimum input, with maximum result)



19 years in the making. A carefully laid out unidirectional (not cyclical), formatted & tiered program of accelerated learning that is supported by the fundamental principles of base, balance, connection, control... and mechanical advantage.

The HBJJ syllabus incorporates a designed method of learning that is tailored independently for both the adult and the child's mind for maximum retention... as the measure of any great teacher is never how much information he conveys... but how much ACTIONABLE information the student retains. 

*All programs incorporate both the traditional Gi (kimono) and NoGi training.

*All programs incorporate a complete feet to floor approach.

*All programs include a self-defense curriculum & protocol.

*Entry into all programs is strictly limited. Please fill out the contact form for more information. Or contact us by phone at: (713) 489-2505

*4BuildingMen program is currently full. Please fill out our contact form for a consultation with your child as soon a space arrives.

                  The Jiu Jitsu Heirloom

What they've said...

“HBJJ has been a life changer, by helping me to become a better version of myself.”

— David C.

“HBJJ Houston has done a tremendous amount of good for me and my son. Words cannot express the depth of gratitude that we have for Mr. Sean. HBJJ Houston’s world class system of true combat Jiu Jitsu is perhaps the most thoroughly developed and articulated fighting curriculum in existence. But it’s way more than that too. It’s an Academy in the truest essence of the word - a place of higher learning that exemplifies a return of dignity, honor, virtue, and true integrity to the fighting arts. ”

— Dallas M.

“HBJJ is to Jiu Jitsu like Berlitz is to learning new languages. There simply is no comparison to a normal academy.”

— Michael S.

“A good portion of who my son is now, is due to HBJJ. I couldn’t be more pleased with the mentoring and leadership in their 4Building men program.”

— Kristen B.

“It’s sad to say, but 90% of what I’ve learned in my 5 year journey in BJJ has been in the last 365 days, the year I’ve been a student at HBJJ.”

— Carlos B.

“I was a bit lost as a single mother of a young son. With HBJJ holding his hand, I’m not anymore. I know I’m now building a man.”

— Christina K.

“You know the age old adage, ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’? Well, I quickly found out at HBJJ. I’ve re-incorporated a vast arsenal that I had once disposed of because of a lack of understanding of the key principles and components. Wow. Eye opening.”

— Billy J.


“My daughter has blossomed here. Thank you.”

— Georgina C.


“My only regret is that I didn’t start my son sooner.”

— Paul H.

“I love this martial art. But I really love his straight A’s even more. I came here for a bullying program and got discipline and self-respect for my child as a bonus.”

— Raina J.

“I wanted my kids to learn specific life-skills early on, so along with swimming, I felt self-defense was an absolute must. Not only is Professor Sean a true Master in the sport of BJJ, he is also an excellent father, an inspirational teacher, and one of the most authentic and supportive men I know.
HBJJ ended up organically creating a “Dad’s Club” to supplement our kids’ training, and as predicted, we were all immediately infatuated. I am tremendously honored and grateful to HBJJ for whipping me into shape and for creating a curriculum that exemplifies structure, discipline, patience, and respect.
Thank you so much for allowing me to become part of this undeniably lethal family.”

— Chris W.

Student occupancy is currently only available at the Tomball location. Please fill out our contact sheet for consideration for our Tomball location and any upcoming availability in Cypress. New students are prioritized not on first come/first serve… but rather, the potential quality of the individual student… and how much their presence will better our mats.

HBJJ & The Jiu Jitsu Heirloom
Houston Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & The Jiu Jitsu Heirloom
Houston Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & The Jiu Jitsu Heirloom
HBJJ & The Jiu Jitsu Heirloom… one family… one team... in Tomball, Tx.

       Change your child's life today!

To set up a consultation for you and/or your child/young adult, fill out our contact form, or...

*Call us by phone at: (713) 489-2505

*Email us at:    Staff@BanditCombatSports.com

Bandit Combat Sports is located at:

28120 Tomball Parkway

Tomball, Tx. 77375

Ph. (713) 489-2505

Godspeed all… and see you on the mat!



Yes, I want a young leader filled with integrity, grit, resilience, responsibility, and an iron will!

Thank you... for helping us put the qualities in our kids that we all want the future to see!

Give your child an unfair advantage

Give your child an unfair advantage

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Tell me more

The merging of the world's 2 most effective martial arts; wrestling and Jiu Jitsu will change your child’s life.  Our programs produce diamonds by using old school values, an iron clad work ethic and, you guessed it... lots of that stuff they mislabel as, "toxic".

Your child is on his/her way!