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Jeffrey Hoppas

Jeffrey Hoppas photo Jeffrey Hoppas
  • Brown Belt

Get to know our Coach, Jeff Hoppas

*Currently a brown belt, Coach Jeff started learning Jiu Jitsu while attending Texas A&M University in 2009. He has been training and coaching under Professor Flanery since 2017. After graduating college, he competed in MMA from 2012-2018, and has won numerous BJJ tournaments throughout.

*Devoted husband

*Kids and adults Jiu Jitsu instructor for over 10 years

*Believes in a grounded approach to martial arts rooted in physics and science

*Hobbies include archery and PC building




Yes, I want a young leader filled with integrity, grit, resilience, responsibility, and an iron will!

Thank you... for helping us put the qualities in our kids that we all want the future to see!

Give your child an unfair advantage

Give your child an unfair advantage

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Thank you... for helping us make the future just a little bit better.

Tell me more

Tell me more

The merging of the world's 2 most effective martial arts; wrestling and Jiu Jitsu will change your child’s life.  Our programs produce diamonds by using old school values, an iron clad work ethic and, you guessed it... lots of that stuff they mislabel as, "toxic".

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