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Sean Flanery

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  • Black Belt - 4th degree

Get to know our Jiu Jitsu Professor, Sean Flanery

*Currently a 4th degree black belt, Professor Flanery began his Jiu Jitsu journey over 20 years ago with Rickson Gracie in Los Angeles, Ca. at the famed Rickson Gracie Jiu Jitsu Academy, ultimately receiving his black belt on May 4th of 2008 under the legendary Renzo Gracie lineage. 

*Devoted husband and father

*2003 Gold medals at the Pan-Ams, the US Nationals, the American Nationals

*Kids and adults Jiu Jitsu instructor for over 20 years

*Father of 2 young Jiu Jitsu standouts and multiple time State Champion wrestlers

*Owner/operator of the original Hollywood Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Los Angeles, Ca.

****Quotes about Sean Flanery

“Houston Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has done a tremendous amount of good for me and my son. Words cannot express the depth of gratitude that we have for Mr. Sean. HBJJ’s world class system of true combat Jiu Jitsu is perhaps the most thoroughly developed and articulated fighting curriculum in existence. But it's way more than that too. It's an Academy in the truest essence of the word - a place of higher learning that exemplifies a return of dignity, honor, virtue, and true integrity to the fighting arts.” -Dallas Morris

“A good portion of who my son is now, is due to Houston Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I couldn't be more pleased with the mentoring and leadership in their 4Building men program.” -Kristen B.

“His work is an ode to those few crucial characters we meet in the course of our lives who’s deep effect on us defines who we are and what we will become.” -Renzo Gracie

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